Our Mission to You

We are a specialized legal staffing company.  We only work within the legal community and bring highly qualified legal candidates to you!  Our expertise extends over 30 years and includes experience in every staff position within a law firm.  We work to find the exact fit for your office/law firm and take into account what works for both you and the employee.

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Our Candidates

We have our hands on the pulse of the legal community.  Being a member of the Legal Secretaries and Paralegal Associations, we are able to pull in the most elite potential employees in the specialty areas you desire.  We review every candidate for authentication as well as get to know our candidates so we can provide you with the right fit for your office/law firm.

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Our Service

We take great pride in the service we provide to all law firms.  Because we work in the legal community exclusively, we are in tune and have access to potential employees with what progressing law firms are looking for.  We try and help achieve staffing goals by providing choices of team-oriented and highly qualified potential employees.

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This is How We Work!

Our process takes into account your law firm style and demeanor.  We continue to add talent to our resources regularly and try to put into place an employee that fits, not just fills a desk.

We meet with and interview all potential employees.  We like to talk to the lawyers and staff involved in the area of practice we are staffing so we can get a true fit for your firm.  We look for skills and qualifications that fill the position to it's fullest potential.


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